Victoria Jagger




co-host of "What's up Warthogs" (Morning announcements)


Laney Nielsen

Charlie McGuinness


Eric Ortiz


helping the environment,running her campaigns,karate

First seen

"The Eric and Charlie Show"


Karissa Lee Staples

Love Interests

Eric Ortiz, (possible crush), Teddy Chadwick (likes her)

Hair color



Victoria Jagger is Eric's co-host on West Hill High's morning annoucements show, "What's Up, Warthogs!". Victoria is the "impossibly charming over-achiever!". She's always busy with the show and her campaign for Student Body President, even though the election is a
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year away. She's also a very enthusiastic environmentalist. She cares about mother nature and finds it very important that we treat our earth with care. She's also very good at making fun of her co-host, Eric Ortiz.


Eric OrtizEdit

Eric Ortiz and Victoria have been sworn enemies since Eric "impeached" her one-of-a-kind congressional Barbie in a peach smoothie. However, working together on the show has developed a noticable bond of friendship that rises whenever one of them is truly upset. Hints also show they may have true feelings for each other. They are shipped by numerous amounts of fans, and have been dubbed Erictoria.

Laney NielsenEdit

Laney Nielsen is one of Victoria's close friends. Laney adores Victoria's attitude and well-organized personality and hopes in the future they'll become best friends. She also often takes Victoria's side in an argument as she thinks
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Victoria and Eric bickering on air.

Victoria is perfect and always right.

Charlie McGuinnessEdit

Charlie and Victoria don't always see eye to eye but they still are good friends all and all.

Teddy ChadwickEdit

Teddy has a huge crush on Victoria and will try anything to reach her heart, no matter what it takes. However, Victoria doesn't have the same attitude towards Teddy at all. She thinks Teddy is very annoying and will do anything to get rid of him, including working with Eric.

Mr. DenoviEdit

Mr. Denovi is a teacher at West Hill that she has a friendly relationship with. Mr. Denovi will stick up and defend her and the gang when things get rough, even though he's not always that good at it.

Money MelvinEdit

Victoria doesn't think of Money Melvin as an organized and smart person. This is shown when she dosen't think he should run for student body president. Money Melvin and Victoria aren't too close and never are on the same page. But, in one episode when Victoria becomes addicted to red liquorice, he shows he cares about her by coming to the intervention.